Town of Superior, MT

Partnership Started:  2013

Initial Scope:  MaPS, Inc. signed a Letter of Agreement with the Town of Superior to locate and field map their fire hydrants in an effort to secure lower insurance ratings.  With Mineral County MT‘s approval to share their basemap data, the Town was provided with an ArcReader setup to view the County’s public safety data and the resulting fire hydrant locations.

Systems Mapping: In 2015, MaPS, Inc. worked with Town staff to develop and submit an application to the Montana Land Information Act (MLIA) program to locate, mark, map and attribute the Town’s water system, sewer system, and storm water system.  The Town received a grant allowing MaPS, Inc. to work with the Town’s Public Works staff to locate and map the utility infrastructure using a sub-meter GPS unit.  After field mapping was complete, MaPS, Inc. processed the field data and used the Town’s CAD data to desk map and attributing the remaining system.  Water mains and lateral lines were snapped between the field mapped water features. Similarly, the sewer and storm drain systems were also mapped and attributed.

MaPS, Inc. installed ArcReader software on a number of computers at the Town offices in order to view the County basemap and resulting Town utility systems data.  MaPS, Inc. is providing the City with ongoing Technical Support as needed.

Features Field Mapped: 508 water utility features including 104 residential and commercial curb stops, 285 gate valves, 51 fire hydrants and 95 meter pits.  139 sewer system features including 135 manhole access covers and 4 lift stations.  77 storm system features including 3 manhole access covers, 61 storm drains, and 13 inlets and outlets.

Additional Features Desk Mapped:  621 water utility features including 440 water mains and 181 lateral lines.  149 sewer system mains.  62 storm system mains.

Contact information:
Town of Superior, MT

Rodney Goins
Public Works Director
Phone: 406-822-4672