City of Shelby, MT

Partnership Started:  2012

Pilot Project:  In 2012, the City of Shelby’s CAD operator retired.  As a result, the City was faced with decision of upgrading their CAD – and re-learning how to use it – or migrating to GIS.  As Toole County’s GIS consultant, MaPS, Inc. was able to demonstrate the wealth of digital data already created and being maintained by the County for public safety.  After signing a Memorandum of Agreement with Toole County, MT regarding data sharing, the City decided to fund a Pilot Project of having MaPS, Inc. convert their existing CAD data to an initial GIS.  Due to spatial data incompatibilities with the CAD information, the Pilot Project evolved into field mapping the water infrastructure of a 10 square block area in the City’s upper east side.  In 2013, MaPS, Inc. worked directly with Public Works staff to quickly and efficiently locate, mark, map and attribute the pilot area’s curb stops, gate valves, fire hydrants and meter pits. Based on the CAD data, water mains and lateral lines were snapped between the field mapped water features to complete the mapping of the water utility infrastructure in the pilot area.

Phase 1: In 2014, MaPS, Inc. worked with the City to develop and submit an application to the Montana Land Information Act (MLIA) Program to complete the water infrastructure mapping effort started in the Pilot Project.  The City was awarded a grant allowing the Public Works staff to contract with MaPS, Inc. to successfully map an additional 2,131 water utility features.  City staff was trained by MaPS, Inc. to process and attribute the field data using ArcGIS Desktop.

Phase 2: In 2015, MaPS, Inc. worked with the City to secure a second MLIA grant.  This grant allowed the City to implement an ArcGIS Online project.  A ruggedized tablet computer, paired with a wireless sub-meter GPS unit, utilizing ArcCollector was used to complete the mapping of the water utilities as well as make the City self-sufficient in mapping the sewer and storm drain systems.  MaPS, Inc. trained Public Works staff to field map and attribute their water, sewer, and storm drain infrastructure.  MaPS, Inc. also deployed several other tablet computers that could be used as a view-only resource in the field.  City staff, such as the building inspector and other public works staff, were able to utilize the data for their various field work.  MaPS, Inc. is providing the City with ongoing Technical Support as needed.

Contact information:
City of Shelby, MT

Luis Correa
Public Works Director
Phone: 406-434-5564