City of Conrad, MT

Partnership Started:  2016

Project Scope:  MaPS, Inc. implemented an ArcGIS Online project for the City of Conrad’s Public Works department.  A ruggedized tablet computer, paired with a wireless sub-meter GPS unit, utilizing ArcCollector was used to map their utility systems.  Basemap data was provided via interlocal agreement with Pondera County, MT.  MaPS, Inc. staff worked directly with City personnel in the field to GPS and attribute their water infrastructure.  City staff were then trained to use the field data collection system, after which they promptly mapped their sewer and storm drain systems to build out to their inventory.  MaPS, Inc. is providing the City with ongoing Technical Support as needed.

Features Field Mapped:  1,925 water utility features including 1,185 residential and commercial curb stops, 532 gate valves, 160 fire hydrants, and 48 meter pits.

Additional Features Desk Mapped: 2,014 water utility features including 792 water mains and 1,222 lateral lines.

Contact information:
City of Conrad, MT

David Zimbelman
Public Works Director
Phone: 406-271-5821