About Us

MaPS, Inc. offers a wealth of project and industry experience and our professional expertise to assist you in your project tasks.  Since we customize our approach and scope of work for each client, each phase of our projects is designed to give our clients a significant step toward a fully functional and highly accurate E-911 and/or GIS System supported by a digital basemap and associated databases.  MaPS, Inc.’s personnel have over 25 years of combined experience in GPS field data collection, GIS development and E-911 implementation and have worked on over fifty (50) projects in many states across the nation, including:

•Colorado •Iowa •Idaho

•Minnesota •Mississippi •Missouri

•Montana •Nebraska •North Carolina

Since our project experience is so widely varied, having worked in so many different terrains and varying population densities, we can say with confidence that we have likely “seen it all” and “done it all” and can draw upon our experiences to best meet the needs of our clients.

Matt Pearce, its principal consultant, founded MaPS, Inc.  Matt graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor of Science in Geography and has seen GIS evolve from its infant start to today’s multi-faceted branches.  Matt has been fortunate to work for Elert & Associates of Stillwater, MN – a public safety consulting firm with projects all over the Midwest – and GeoResearch of Billings, MT – a GPS/GIS consulting firm with a nationwide reach.  GeoResearch developed one of the first civilian solutions to decode the Dept. of Defense GPS satellite signal and develop a mapping software, GeoLink, which offered efficient field mapping and accurate data collection.  Good data equaled good projects – and Matt’s list of long-term clients keeps growing.  As a project manager, Matt works closely with private agencies and local government at every level to identify mapping and data needs and use GPS/GIS technology to successfully develop beneficial solutions.